Listeners of all countries, unite!

For nearly three decades, a pulsating sound has filled the airwaves and internet alike as it permeates the world of electronic music. What began as a bold vision has developed into a true institution. This sonic oasis for lovers of electronic sounds has not only transcended the boundaries of time, but also created a deep connection between the music, you and the spirit of our community.

The former small radio station has become a cornerstone of the electronic music scene over the years. EVOSONIC has not only been a witness to the evolution of electronic music, but also an engine for the spread of innovation and creativity. The loyal listeners who have been there from the beginning have made our station what it is today – a sounding home for like-minded people from all over the world.
You are not just a passive listener, but an integral one Part of our thriving community. The power of technology has created friendships that span continents. Electronic music, especially techno, has long since crossed the threshold into culture. It reflects the spirit of the times, connects us as humans and provides a space for self-expression and artistic development.


EVOSONIC – an institution, a mission, a club

Now we are facing another exciting chapter. We have founded an association: EVOSONIC e.V. This change not only symbolizes our connection, but also emphasizes the shared ideals and values that drive us. It is a step that will strengthen our connection and ensure that our musical lighthouse continues to shine.

But as our audience has grown over the years and the bonds between us are stronger than ever, we face one reality: financial support is critical. The independence and freedom with which our station has always broadcast can only be maintained through your generosity and the commitment of many. We therefore call on you to become part of this movement.


Continue to support the existence of this cultural heritage. Become part of our club and help ensure that electronic music and its values can continue to be heard in all their diversity. Your donations will help our station not only survive, but continue to bring inspiration, connection and joy to the world. Let us shape the future of our beloved sound worlds together, while honoring the past and celebrating the present.

BE EVOSONIC–become part of an era.

Become a member of the club and support us with your donation. Together we can ensure that this sonic journey continues for many years to come, connecting generations of music lovers. Because the true power of this music lies not just in the sounds, but in the community it creates.