Various Artists – Friends List Vol. 6 (Christian Grade Continuous Mix) (EVO095)

Art. Nr.: EVO095
Pre-Order: 22.03.2024
Out: 29.03.2024
Publisher: Evosonic Records
Format: Compilation
Offer: Download & Streaming

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Track List

01. Hackfreed – Mit Herz & Ton (Original Mix)
02. Disko Jürgen – Epischer Saxophonmann (Original Mix)
03. JJ Mullor & Nicky Three Sixty – Utopia (Original Mix)
04. Betoko & Rafael Cerato Feat Liu Bei – Devil (Instrumental Mix)
05. Djalo – Unitone (Original Mix)
06. Matteo Veroni – Orbital Gravity (Original Mix)
07. Tom Wax – You Are the Creators (Alex Bau Future Retro 90s Rave Repaint)
08. Phony Orphants – Sex, Drugs…. (Original Mix)
09. DJ Nasty Deluxe – I’ am Nasty (Original Mix)
10. Tomtron – Piano Rosi (Original Mix)
11. Mar io – With Lemon (Cie Remix)
12. Weikum – Ignis (Original Mix)
13. Various Artists – Friends List Vol. 6 (Christian Grade Continuous Mix)


The philosopher Aristotle once called friendship „one soul in two bodies“. Others say: „A true friend is one who takes your hand but touches your heart.“ Well, I can’t confirm the hand thing, but they all touch my heart. Thanks to BluFin Records, noreira records, City Of Drums, MixCult, Iboga Records, Ohral, Phuture Wax, Emerald & Doreen, Dicular Records, Vorwärts Musik, Zug der Liebe Records and Christian Grade for his sensational Continuous Mix.

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