Harthouse Berlin 035

Artist: Cybordelics
Title: Adventures Of Dama 2022
Art. Nr.: HHBER035
Pre-Order: 21.12.2021
Release Date: 27.12.2021
Publisher: Harthouse
Format: EP
Genre: Techno (Peak Time / Driving), Tech House, Deep House
Offer: Download & Streaming



01 Adventures of Dama (Gorge Rework)

02 Adventures of Dama (Cie Remix)

03 Adventures of Dama (Mar io Remix)

04 Adventures of Dama (Philipp Giebel Remix)

Written and produced by Chris Maico Schmidt, Milan Zemanec und Daniel Varga.

Harthouse Berlin

The Cybordelics classic “Adventures of Dama” has never lost its popularity since it´s first released in 1993. The original track on the Harthouse label landed at number 2 at the British club charts. After numerous live performances, Mike S., Milan Zemanec and Daniel Varga split up in 1994 and dissolved Cybordelics. But “Adventures of Dama” was kept alive for almost three decades by many well-known artists, remixed or reinterpreted.
Harthouse revived this tradition in 2019 with four further remixes (which were also released on vinyl). Another round of “Adventures of Dama” will be heralded at the end of 2021: The new Remix EP starts with a rework version by George, who pulls out all the stops and discovers completely new facets in “Adventures of Dama”. The second remix by Cie works out the essence of the classic and steams the track down to its essence. The third track by Mar Io moves back a gear and negotiates “Adventures of Dama” in a dreamlike landscape. The Remix EP closes with a Philipp Gabel Remix, which above all refines and celebrates the rhythmic quality of the original