Evosonic Records EVO063

ARTIST: Various Artists
Title: Evosonic 25 (Twentyfive Years Of Electronic Music Radio)
Art. Nr.: EVO063
Pre-Order: 01.05.2022
Beatport Exklusive: 13.05.2022
Out: 27.05.2022
Publisher: Evosonic Records
Format: Compilation
Offer: Download & Streaming



David Bowie celebrated his 50th birthday. Michael Jackson’s first son was born. The Spicegirls received 2 BRIT Awards. For the first time, albums by „U2“ and „Oasis“ flopped. Rapper „Notorious B.I.G.“ was shot dead in the passenger seat of his car. Paul McCartney was knighted. Elton John performed at Lady Diana’s funeral. Evosonic Radio goes on air as the world’s first independent electronic music station. 25 years later, well over 100 known and unknown artists with well over 100 shows have changed, shaped and surprised the radio landscape. Since then, we never submitted to the conventions of format radio, but let our music editors and DJs a lot of freedom. 25 years later, this unique anniversary compilation is meant to underpin that.

01. Rockstar – Hör Dich Fest
02. Alex Connors & Hardy Heller feat. Maxie Koenig – Waste Your Time (Ohral On Air Mix)
03. Anastasia Belosova – Zauberstab feat. Sori (Hexenrave Mix)
04. Andy Baar – Wunderbaar (Philipp Giebel Remix)
05. Barbaros – Differences (Two Sides Mix)
06. Barry Coleman – The Fifth Element (Original Mix)
07. Broekhuis, Keller & Schoenwaelder – Midnight Flow With Manikin (Original Mix)
08. Chris Maico Schmidt feat. Drea Perlon – MikeLike (Original Mix)
09. deKai (Berlin) – Dirty Techno Talk (Original Mix)
10. Detlef Keller – Ad Libitum (Original Mix)
11. DJof69 – AbSoulute Beach (Blue Water Mix)
12. Dompe – Always On The Run (Jackfruit Edit)
13. DPorter – Roll Bar (Electronic Coffee House Mix)
14. dudelsaladt – Dudelcosmos (Evosaladt Mix)
15. Grandma Fläsch – Sunday Conspiracy (Original Mix)

15. Julia Löwenherz – Update (Original Mix)
16. Kay Barton – Sophisticated Rhythms (Original Teardown Mix)
17. K-Lyde feat. Mc Elite – War Zone (The DnB Dimension Mix)
18. Martin Vitzthum – Westufer (Confession At The Seaside Mix)
19. Mathew Brabham Feat. Tom La Mer – City of Drums (Window To The Streets Mix)
20. Mijk van Dijk – Sonic Evolution (Evosonic Version)
21. miKech – Like That Underground (Original Mix)
22. Mr. Robot feat. Kirill Matveev – MixCult (Risin High Mix)
23. Phil Harmony feat. Drea Perlon – Deepnight Station (Original Mix)
24. Philipp Giebel – Eclectix (Original Mix)
25. Ponchmann – Evox (Original Mix)
26. RolandBroemmel – Advanced Electronic (Original Mix)
27. Sam Oliver – Hamburg Nightline (Long Ride Edit)
28. Soulhunter – Roots feat. Gerzee (Berliner Wohnzimmer Sunshine Edit)
29. Studiogegner – Obsessive Beats (Original Mix)
30. Tezz – Trip (Original Mix)
31. Tom La Mer – Tom‘s Diner (Spieluhr Mix)
32. Rockstar – Hör Dich Fest


Mastering by Sledgermastering
© Evosonic Records 2022

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