Various Artists – Backlist Vol. 6 (Continuous Mix By Julia Loewenherz)


Artist: Various Artists
Title: Backlist Vol. 6 (Continuous Mix By Julia Loewenherz)
Art. Nr.: EVO084
Release Date: 01.09.2023
Publisher: Evosonic Records
Format: Compilation
Offer: Download & Streaming


Back catalog is a term of the music industry and describes, similar to the term backlist in the book and publishing industry, the totality of those music titles of a record company that are still available. We decided to use the term backlist and put together a fine compilation from it, also to remind you how many good tracks we were allowed to release already. The now sixth edition was this time packed into a Continuous Mix of a special kind by Julia Loewenherz. On Evosonic Radio Julia is known for shows like Update and Loewentanz. With her way of presenting music she convinces the listeners since 2020. Her vision and idea, as well as the understanding for technology, she implements perfectly in this mix. I know who is now insanely proud of Julia Loewenherz.


  1. Awiy Disco – Devil Worship (Original Mix) 07:16 min.
  2. Barbaros – Fate (miKech Remix) 06:13 min.
  3. Frank Krumsdorf – Dipdap (Original Mix) 05:16 min.
  4. Die Raumzeit Architekten – Der Kleine Muck (Michael Kruse Remix) 08:17 min.
  5. Ponchmann – Allies And Enemy feat. … (Chris Maico Schmidt Remix) 07:23 min.
  6. Julian Reifegerste – Abrica (Original Mix) 07:22 min.
  7. Andy Baar – Keep On (Original Mix) 08:36 min.
  8. Chris Maico Schmidt – Downtown (Thanx Bodo Remix) 08:37 min.
  9. Barry Coleman – RTS (Remember The Strobes) (Original Mix) 07:31 min.
  10. dudelsaladt – Pianopfeife feat. Pfeifi (Original Mix) 05:25 min.
  11. Matziz – Glass Marx (Original Mix) 04:06 min.
  12. Various Artists – Continuous Mix By Julia Loewenherz 01:01:03 min.

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