Evosonic Records 077

Art. Nr.: EVO077
Beatport Exklusive: 28.04.2023
Release Date: 12.05.2023
Publisher: Evosonic Records
Format: Single
Offer: Download & Streaming
Genre: Techno (Peak Time / Driving)


Cat = stimpy = Philipp Giebel, meets dog = Jörg Arweiler = Rotweiler, and produce this track here. The one has already more often, Philipp Giebel. Among others for Blufin Records and Harthouse Berlin. The other, Jörg Arweiler, never before. But that doesn’t matter, because until recently he didn’t have his own radio show on Evosonic Radio, the other one has had it for a while and the art of DJing is/was a red rag for both of them. That’s in the past. What did I actually want to say with that? Oh, this track is awesome. Techno from another star. In the truest sense of the word. Why? Quite simply: Gargon = Alien!


01 Cats and Dogs – Bring The Gargon (Original Mix) – 07:39 min

Written and produced by Philipp Giebel & Jörg Arweiler.
Mastering by https://sledgermastering.by/

© Evosonic Records 2023


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